Keeping Relationships Fresh

Keeping Relationships Fresh

Many times after couples are in a relationship for a while, they get what I call comfortable. Is that a BAD thing, not necessarily, it all depends on HOW comfortable you ARE in the relationship.

For example: If you are at the stage where you can burp and fart all the time without saying excuse me, that’s ONE thing, if you are at the stage where you are no longer TALKING to each other because you have nothing to SAY, that’s another.

Try and keep your relationship fresh. What I MEAN by fresh is, like when you were first dating. I’ll bet you went out of your way to show your man/woman how great of a catch you were.

You dressed better, got all primped and proper, shaved your legs, your face, put on perfume/cologne, and tried taking her places that would impress her. Believe me, if date night NOW consists of McDonald’s and a movie all the time, you are TOO comfortable.

Break that mold, take her out like you did before, even if it’s only once a week. It will give you BOTH something to look forward to. Treat him/her with respect again, open the car door for her, tell her/him how beautiful/handsome, they look, read, so you can carry on a decent conversation WITHOUT talking about work or kids, this is YOUR time, use it wisely. Many times going down memory lane will enhance the romance, use what works to get that SPARK back.

No more “Slam Bam Thank you Mam” sex and then turning over to sleep. Women like to be spooned and cuddled afterwards; it gives us a comforting feeling. The more OFTEN you practice this, chances are, the more  sex will happen.

Working on relationships is an ON-GOING thing, just remember, the more you bring it back to the beginning, the happier you BOTH will be. Now, get out there and practice…

Until Later…



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