I’m Irish, so Sue Me


First, let me say that this post is purely emotional. No logic involved here at all.

I’m Irish, about as Irish as you can get without being a leprechaun. By nature that makes me a hot headed, red blooded, hard drinking, sexy S.O.B. Any objections, talk to my fist.

I was in am SEO meeting this AM, and someone brought up the ridiculous statement that SEO’s could be enhanced by making them geared more towards the SEXUALITY of HOW the links were placed in the wording.

While I realize that SEX SELLS, as a woman, this brought my IRISH up and I’m afraid that I MAY have lost control by calling the presenter a sexist dumbass, and NOT in my INSIDE voice.

Yes, folks, I lost my cool. It seems that whenever sales people run out of GOOD ideas, they always try to bring it back to sex. Look, I’m NOT against using sex in the workplace, HELL, I did it for years, I just believe there is a time and a place for using this sales medium. I mean is NOTHING sacred?

Do I wanna make more money, sure, but let’s have an earnest THOUGHT once in a while, OK??? So here I am once again ranting about sex, when sex is MY middle name.

Why can’t for ONCE, folks come up with a NEW idea…There’s a thought… Bottom line, I have to come up with the idea on my own. Can I DO it, of COURSE I can, and I WILL.

By the way, I did apologize for calling the presenter a sexist dumbass, right after I demoted him. Anyone wanna work for ME now??? Hehehehehehe….

Until Later…




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