Tales from Scribbles on the Bathroom Wall


 I got the idea for writing this after I attended a concert the other night. I had to pee so I went into the stall, and lo and behold, I see the entire stall covered in graffiti, and bathroom poems, stories, and phone numbers.

Seriously, it looked like something you would see in La. in a more depressed neighborhood. I was actually amused and entertained sitting there and reading all the repressed writers, poets, and artists.

One piece of artwork was a woman kissing another woman. The detail was amazing as one of the women had her hand on the other’s breast. The colors were rich and bright.

I got thinking, HOW the HELL did they DO this? I mean they must have brought some kind of ink or something that would transfer to a bathroom stall. This piece was so detailed, it could have been exhibited in an art gallery, OR at the very least, something that I would be proud to hang in MY home.

Then, there was a poem that I liked so much I wrote it down.


Here I sit, pondering life,

Some of it good, some of it strife.

If life hands me lemons, I’ll try and go on,

I’ll mix up some lemonade, and drink until gone.

Sure, there was the usual stuff like, “For a good time call Sooz, I mean April”. OR, Eat me, I’m delicious”, but, for the MOST part, there was some VERY creative stuff.

Now I know where to go the NEXT time I need some inspiration…

Until Later…




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