A Letter to ALL the Big Mouthed, Never Shutting up Movie Goers


Dear Big Mouthed, Yappy Movie Patrons:

I have a bone to pick with all of you who just CAN’T be quiet during a movie. When I go to the movies, it’s all about RELAXING.

This is extremely difficult to do when YOU are reviewing the entire movie with your friends ALOUD. I’m sure you are all great movie critics and just can’t WAIT to scurry home and write all about it, BUT, just SHUT THE HELL UP while the movie is PLAYING.

I was attending the James Bond Thriller the other night, and two of you ladies, probably over 100 years old, were there also, expressing your thoughts verbally, and NOT in an “inside” voice. “Oooooowww, and Ahhhhhh, and shouting, “LOOK OUT JAMES”…

By the way, James can’t HEAR you. Not only is he TOO busy staying alive, he is in a MOVIE and NOT in the REAL world. Although, I must say, I don’t believe that YOU are in the REAL world EITHER.

Let’s review…Movies = Quiet time. This is NOT to be confused with Cult movies like The Rocky Horror Picture Show, where everyone is repeating lines as LOUD as they possibly can, and getting up on stage to act out the movie.

There are soooooo many ratings already, I just HOPE we don’t have to have one that says “Shut the Hell Up” with an “STHU” rating… Please be respectful and let ALL the OTHER movie patrons enjoy the movie WITHOUT YOUR verbal comments. Thank you.





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