Giggle Time–The Ad


Subject: This guy wrote an amazing Craigslist ad when his girlfriend wanted him to get rid of his dog:

My girlfriend does NOT like my beagle Molly. So, I have to re-home her. She is a pure-bread from a wealthy neighborhood, and I have had her for four years. She likes to play games, but she is not totally trained.

She has long hair, and is a little bit high maintenance, especially when it comes to her nails being attended to. She stays up all night yapping, but sleeps while I’m at work.

Let it be known that she ONLY gets the best, most expensive food. The problem is, she IS lazy, and will never come and greet me at the door after a hard day, or give me the unconditional love I need when I’m down.

She doesn’t BITE, but, she does have her moments and can be mean as HELL.

So…If anyone is interested in adopting my 30 year old, selfish, wicked, gold digging girlfriend, come and GET her. My DOG and I want her re-homed ASAP!!!











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