A Man’s Best Friend


6:00 AM and the alarm clock blared like a fire bell. Just yesterday Bill would have gotten up, dragged a comb across his balding head, dressed, and then headed off to work.

After 44 years on the job though, Bill had paid his dues, he decided to turn off the clock and go back to sleep. Right there beside him was his trusted pup Sam looked dazedly at Bill as if to say WHAT, why so early?

With the alarm turned off, both Bill AND Sam laid their heads back down, and drifted back to sleep. At ten, Bill rose from his sleep while Sam, not eager to move from his nap, decided to get extra twenty winks.

Bill had gotten Sam just a week before he retired; an unexpected trip to the SPCA yielded him the cutest little puppy he could ever imagine. Sam just adored Bill, they played together, Bill took him on walks, and even cut his nails when they were getting unruly.

The years passed, and the good time just kept on coming. This night, however, Bill didn’t seem like his usual self-thought Sam. Sure, he had fed him, and taken him for a walk after dinner, but his demeanor was just not his usual self.


Bill would usually pet him over and over as they were watching TV in bed. Tonight, however, he would only stroke him sparingly, as Bill fell asleep on and off. He finally gave Sam a good night pat, told him he loved him, and then hit the pillow.

The next morning, the alarm went off, and Bill did not turn it off. It just kept ringing and ringing, disturbing Sam’s peaceful sleep. Why isn’t Bill getting up to feed me Sam thought? Why isn’t he taking me out for a walk?

With no response from Bill, Sam got up and went to lick Bill’s face, nothing. Later that day, a multitude of people came to the house, Sam didn’t understand that Bill had passed away and they were taking him to the morgue.

Where is Bill going Sam thought, who will feed me, play with me, and take me out? Who will love me? Sam, sad about his buddy being gone, climbed on the bed and just lay down and howled out in a shrieking cry.

The neighbors tried to take him, but he just lay there in sadness, waiting for Bill to return. They tried feeding him, but he refused to eat or drink. The SPCA had to be called to take him away.

Sam lay in his cage, tail down, and with the saddest eyes you would ever see. He refused to eat, and after three weeks of doing everything they could, Sam died.

It was decided that he be buried with his longtime friend. Finally, he and Bill were together, sleeping peacefully in their new home, together again.




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