A Turkey’s Idea for Thanksgiving


Hi there, my name is Tom, yup that’s right, Tom Turkey, go figure. For years, since the Pilgrims and Indians got together for that big Thanksgiving meal, it’s been rumored that they had one of my ancestors for dinner.

While I’m sure all you meat eaters out there are sayin’ Yuuuuuuup, let me just say that the FIRST Thanksgiving was PROBABLY more of a VEGETABLE dish. Food was scarce, and corn, wheat, beans, squash, and potatoes were the staple of the day, NOT ME!!!

Yes, yes, I know that since then people have been craving turkey every Thanksgiving, but I’m here to shed some of my OWN ideas. Why turkey anyway, we have a drug inside us called tryptophan. It seems after you eat us, all you wanna do is SLEEP…Is THAT how you wanna spend your holiday, I THOUGHT not.

Now Chinese food, I mean, who doesn’t like Chinese food, AND, it WON’T make you sleepy either. Sure, you may be hungry again in a half hour, so…EAT AGAIN. Or, I know, how about Italian Lasagna….Yuuuummmm… Look, all I’m sayin’ here is DON’T get HUNG UP on eating ME.

Let me just sit in my pen, and just gobble gobble away, happy as a clam…These are MY thoughts about Thanksgiving…Have a good one everyone…

Until Later…

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