Dashing Through the Crowds


The Thanksgiving season is over and NOW it’s time for the REAL holiday; by that I mean PUSHING and SHOVING, YELLING and SCREAMING, and Ahhhh, ALL the joys of the Christmas season.

Personally, I enjoy watching my sexy neighbor putting up all of his Xmas lights. Here, the weather for this time of year is still in the low 70’s so I can watch him yell and curse in his tight shorts and T shirt.

 It’s such a turn on to watch a grown up man yelling at his decorations as he attempts to attach ice cycles to his gutters. Mmmmmm, what a nice view from the back…YUMMY. I may have to invite him over afterwards for a little comfort and cheer.

Then, of course, there is the dreaded STORE shopping. I shiver at the thought. Usually, I sit and shop n cyber Monday till the cows come home, however, THIS year; I may be subjected to the feared IN STORE shopping.

This is where THOUSANDS gather at a place called “The Mall”, here, they run around like men after strippers in order to obtain that perfect gift that is only buyable at “The Store”.

Pushing and shoving ensues as there are 50 people running to purchase the LAST remaining perfect gift. “Outta my way bitch, and, I TOUCHED it first” can be heard above the loudest of in-store background noises.

Luckily, I bring one of the guys from my work; he is 6’5” tall and built to KILL.  Yelling and screaming are heard as MY guy fights through the crowd, and howls like a bear as he reaches for and grabs what I need. I ALWAYS get that “perfect gift.”

I hope all of you also get YOUR perfect gifts, call me if you need MY guy to help. Good luck on line or if you MUST, at the stores. Happy Holidays everyone.





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