Just Ask Sooz



Dear Sooz:

It’s the Christmas Season again and I am really not looking forward to it this year. My husband, who I love dearly, is more like the accountant type, and he always gets me “practical gifts”.

One year, he got me a mixer, another year he got me a new washer and dryer. Sooz, these are fine gifts, just not very personal. I would much rather he get me a nice negligee, or a trip package, but he is just not that thoughtful.

Every year I go out of my way to buy him something from the heart, and all I get is an expensive pen and pencil set. I realize I’m whining, but, just once I wish he would make me something or get me something frivolous, just for me.

I would tell him to do this, but, that just takes away all the element of surprise. What can I do to make him more thoughtful?

Hurt Housewife


Dear Hurt Housewife:

Quit your bitchin’, at least he is getting you something. I realize it’s not lavish trips or expensive lingerie, but, it’s HIS way of saying I Love You.

Be thankful that he is a good husband, one who loves and provides for you. You could have done a LOT worse. Why don’t YOU surprise HIM and buy yourself some expensive lingerie, maybe after it’s “USED”, he will finally GET the idea…

Look, not every man is a Cyrano de Bergerac, be happy with what you have, and be grateful that he loves you… Merry Christmas…



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