The Reindeer Games



Well folks, here we are once again at the North Pole’s famous Reindeer games. All the Reindeer have trained hard the past season in preparation of THIS year’s games.

Broadcasters and News affiliates from ALL over the globe are here covering this annual event. I see some NEW Reindeer this year in the pen, with the star of our show, Rudolph, giving them all a good talking to.

Now, if you’re like ME, you’re wondering, just what ARE Reindeer games anyway? Well, we’re about to find out as they come out of the pen and into the starting line-up.

Let me see if I can get Rudolph to talk with me for just a minute, “Hey Rudolph!!!”

Me:        Thanks for joining me Rudolph on this historic 2000th. Reindeer games.

Rudolph:   No problem Sooz, thanks for coming.     

Me:        So Rudolph, just exactly what do the Reindeer DO in these Reindeer games?

Rudolph:   Well Sooz, they run, and jump, and try and out race the other Reindeer. The winner gets to pull right behind me on Santa’s sled.

Me:        Why is that such an honor Rudolph?

Rudolph:    Well Sooz, you see, the closer you get to Santa, the STINKIER it smells. Santa is up ALL night packin’ the sleigh, and well, he as a habit of tippin’ a few until we’re up and running. He smells like an ALCOHOL factory; that, AND he farts continuously from beginning to end, making it IMPOSSIBLE to be around him.

Me:         So, it’s just a matter of being as FAR away from Santa then as possible?

Rudolph:    YUP!!!

Me:         Well, good luck Rudolph, let your nose shine bright, and may you guide the way as always.

Rudolph:    Thanks Sooz, OH…By the way, Santa has something VERY special for you this year…

Me:          What IS it Rudolph?

Rudolph:     Let’s just say that it’s NOT another Snuggie…

Me:          Thank goodness, that would have made 4 in a ROW!!!

Rudolph:     Merry Xmas Sooz, be good now, at LEAST until Xmas…

Me:          I’ll try?????????


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