Just Ask Sooz

Dear Sooz:

My wife and I, both in our 30’s, have been married now for 10 years. I love my wife very much Sooz, but, the problem is with her breasts. When ever we make love, I try and be a sensitive lover.

I start with kissing her, and then slowly move to her breasts. The problem is, her breasts are just not sensitive at all. It’s as if I just touched them with while wearing gloves or something.

It doesn’t please her at all,and the truth is, I think it is kind of a turn-off for her after the kissing. I am a “huge” breast fan Sooz, and I really love touching and nibbling her nipples, I just seem to be left in the dark though in what is suppossed to be a sensitive area.

She claims that she has been this way ever since her breast augmentation, and that the lack of sensitivity doesn’t bother her at all. I would really love it if there was some way to re-gain her sensitivity again. What are your thoughts in this matter?

Selfish Sam


Dear Selfish Sam:

Interesting how you sign your name SELFISH Sam. You are RIGHT, you ARE selfish. There are other areas of the body which are also HOT spots my friend, several in fact in her Netherland region.

As long as she doesn’t mind you touching and kissing her breasts, what’s the problem? Hopefully, you are trained in the art of cunnillingus, and IF so, all should be just hunky dory.

While there are many cases where women who experience breast augmentations do have less feeling in their breasts afterwards, usually, for the woman, as long as she can still have the Fourth of July fireworks in her pants, it doesn’t matter.

Surgery CAN be done to correct this effect, however, unless SHE wants it, it’s not neccessary.

My guess is, you are a good lover because I didn’t hear any complaints regarding the fireworks stage. Suck it up bucko, she loves you, is having sex with you, so WHAT more do you want?

Try and get OVER it, you will be a lot happier and so will SHE if you do….Good luck.



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