Xmas Gifts For the Hard to Buy For


Every year we get hung up on trying to match that perfect gift for Aunt Myrtha, or Uncle Hasbeen, well…worry no more, here are some gifts this year HOT off the Elves Shelves, JUST for them.



How about this nice Xmas tree hat??? It includes garland, AND Xmas lights, complete with a star at the top. If you’re of the Jewish faith, NO problem, just replace star with the Star of David. A perfect AND practical gift…Enjoy Aunt Myrtha…

                                      — OR—

Hey, how about a nice way to GROW your own tree?


Yup, that’s right, Reindeer Poop in a box. Seeds included, just place seeds in Reindeer Poop, water, and low and behold, within just 10 years, you can have your OWN tree, right inside your home. It’s the gift that just keeps on givin’.

                              –But Wait, There’s more

What about for Uncle Has been? Well, I’m, glad you asked because I have JUST the thing. He’ll be in La la and when on Xmas morning he opens up THIS little ditty…The Cheeky Santa Mankini festive Adult outfit.


No more wiping the sweat off your balls because it’s too hot, not only will he look GREAT, he’ll FEEL great, AND…MRS. Clause will LOVE it too.


For those pet lovers, this one is JUST FOR YOU.


No more whiny pets because they get WET when they go on walks. NOW, with The Happy Life Pet Umbrella, everyone is happy and DRY. The perfect gift for ANY size dog OR cat.


One of my FAVORITE quirky gifts that fit right into ANYONES home AND are practical, I present to you:


The Runny Nose Shower Dispenser is easily attached and comes with a FOUR month supply of nose gel. This is the PERFECT gift for that hard to buy for friend or relative.

There are several other items to choose from, just send me an e-mail and I will be glad to send you my new 5,000 page booklet. It retails for 250.00 American dollars and is available for purchase now.

 Please send CASH or MONEY ORDERS only to P.O Box 1083478649769147713964468992

 C/O Sooz,  Phonex, AZ. 85044.

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