Christmas Memories


I don’t know what it is about Xmas time; it always seems to make me a little sentimental. Maybe it’s the love in the air, or watching the children’s eyes light up as they sit on the Mall Santa, or perhaps just the music that rings in the spirit of Christmas no matter where you go.

I was sitting in the Mall, enjoying a cup of coffee when a bye-gone memory struck me. About 20 years ago, when I was just starting out, I lived in New York for a while. I had just moved to the city with a friend of mine, who wanted to be an actress, and being broke, we picked the cheapest apartment we could find to rent.

Our eyes were big, and our hearts filled with wonder as we searched out our destinies. I remember it like yesterday, we had moved there in November, and being from a warmer climate, snow was something we only had on TV.

I remember how enamored we were with a beautiful white blanket, covering our part of the Earth with all its splendor. Just taking walks through Central Park, the lights in all the store windows, and of course the wonderful Christmas music everywhere, lightening our spirits, and making us glad that for a while, New York had adopted  us.

Christmas Eve, we gathered in our little apartment, and gathered like church mice. A Charlie Brown Xmas tree filled our 300 ft. space, with popcorn strung generously around our tree, and a string of lights we bought from the Dollar Store.

Egg Nog and pretzels were our dinner of choice back then, and Love was on the dessert menu. My friend did a few commercials, met a great guy, and settled down. Me, well, I worked in the Big Apple for a while, cutting my teeth in the Ad business, and then returned home once again.

I never will forget that great Christmas in New York though, especially the snow. Somehow, I really miss that around this time of the year. Oh well, maybe next year.






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