New Year’s Resolutions—Bah Humbug


So here it is the New Year and of course along with the new year ALSO comes the resolutions. Here’s MY question, how many of you have made resolutions and have already broken them? If you’re like most people, then over 73 % of you have already said TO HELL with it and are either starting over, or, have said “what ever” and just threw them out the window.

Here are the resolutions that I have made, and hope to keep all year long. Good luck Sooz, you’ll NEED it!!!

  1. I promise never to speak unkind things about anyone…While they’ re around…


  1.  I’ll try and limit my daily masturbation schedule by cutting it to only 3 times a day…OOPS!!!!…


  1. Never give someone the finger while driving in a bad area…Live and learn…YIKES!!!


  1. I will NOT go to a bar just to get picked up and laid…I’ll need a real dinner first…


  1. I promise NOT to curse about Tom Brady all the time during the off season…


  1. I will only respond to pick up lines that have the word Angel in it…I just LOVE to be called an angel…


  1. I will flirt ONLY when flirted with first…Yeah… like THAT’S gonna happen…  


  1. I will drive MYSELF places more…BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I will find a nice mate and settle down?????????    Hey, miracles DO happen!!!


  1. I will give more of my time to the homeless and those who need help.


Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!!






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