Another Job…WHAT???


It’s the beginning of a new year and with it comes a slew of thoughts just drifting around in my mind. Yup, that’s right, I’m thinking of selling my business ad going back to school. For WHAT degree you ask, this one would be in Psychology.

Why would you leave a successful business and pursue another career at MY age, well, I guess the best answer is, I think I need a change. I have been in the advertising game for a long time now, and the truth is, I have always enjoyed helping people and I may need a change.

I am thinking about something on the line of Psychology. Perhaps get my degree and start my OWN practice. That’s one reason I got into writing Just Ask Sooz, while I am NOT a Psychologist, I DO have a minor in Psychology and I  absolutely enjoy helping folks when I can.

What do you all think? Am  crazy for giving up such  high powered job and go into this new field or do you believe it just might be good for me. I absolute value all of your opinions, so a little help here would be appreciated.

I realize he pay would be considerably less, I just think the self satisfaction and rewards might just be worth it. I don’t know, just thinking about it. Please give me YOUR thoughts here. Thanks…









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