Ways to Wash a Cat


I KNOW what you’re thinking out there in blog land, “I KNOW how to wash my cat”. Personally, I don’t own any pets, but I have thought about ways to do this what seems like a simple act.

Cats and I never get along, although I don’t hate cats, they just seem to be what’s the word I want here….hmmmmm, somewhat WILD around me. Maybe it’s my smell or something, but I never met a friendly cat.

So, I will tell you some of the ways that I would wash them.

  1. Lasso them with a rope while saying good kitty- kitty, and then dunk them in water while scrubbing them up good. Then, with a towel, dry until fluffy.


  1.   While sleeping, pick them up and add to the wash cycle of your washer. Again, dry until fluffy with dryer.


  1. In the Summer, you can wash and then hang them on the clothesline to air dry…Until Fluffy.


  1. Give the cat copious amounts of Vodka and cranberry juice, when drunk, it should be an easy task to catch the tipsy walking cat and git it a bath. Of course, dry until fluffy.


  1. When cat wakes up with a hangover, explain to cat that a nice bath will make him feel better…Cats will BUY this as they are gullible.


These are just a few ways that I recommend giving the cat a bath. I am sure that if you OWN a cat, you may have other useful ways, but these have always worked for me…WINK!!!







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