Job Change


Job Change

Just a heads-up to everyone that I DID decide to make a career change. In about 21 months, if my brains old out that long, I will hopefully be a practicing Psychologist. I applied to Stanford,  and luckily, I know some people there. My transcripts have been sent, my essay is one and soon I should be hearing from them.

It has taken me a long time to decide this, and I believe I have made the right decision. All my life I have been involved somehow with the underprivileged, or homeless, and now I believe I can best put my talents to work helping those who need comforting mentally, and those folks who just need help in their daily lives.

I will be waiting of course to put my business up for sale until I have been accepted into the Psychology department. I’ve had a market assessment done for my business and the experts say I can get between 35 and 40 million for the business.

This should give me plenty of money to live the kind of life I want, and still be able to help my fellow man. I am very excited now that the decision has been made, and I look forward to joining the head shrinking group of America. Hehehehe…

I hope you will join me in my happiness and fingers crossed, I will make it in.

3 thoughts on “Job Change

  1. I really do hope that your new venture will be just what you want Sooz. I expect I will need a Psychologist after reading your posts my friend. Have I got to wait 21 months for treatment ? Heck ! 😀 ❤ heehee

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