Just Ask Sooz



Dear Sooz:

My husband and I have recently been shopping for cars. I would like to get a nice comfortable car with nice leather heated seats with lots of cup holders. My husband, on the other hand, wants to buy a two seater sports car.

We are both in our fifties with no children. I really don’t want a two seat automobile as they are low to the ground and have very little luggage space. I have talked and talked until my face is blue, but to no avail.

Is there anything I can say that will help change his mind? I think he may be going through his midlife crisis, what do you think?

Sports Car Groaner


Dear Sports Car Groaner:

If you two are travelers, a sports car will be zero good as far as all the luggage you will need to carry. Tell him if THIS time he buys you what YOU want, then next time he can get his sports car and you won’t say a word.

Hopefully, by the time it’s ready to trade cars; he will be over with his midlife crisis and will be a lot more reasonable. However, if you DO get your way this time, if he STILL wants to buy the sports car, let him and don’t whine about it. What’s fair is fair. Good luck…



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