Just My Two Cents Worth


The Academy awards this year has NOT chosen any people of color for an Oscar nomination. As a result, some of the black community proposes to boycott the Oscars in retaliation.

Now, I am CERTAINLY NOT racist, but here is how I feel. First of all, there are some GREAT actors and actresses of color who grace our movie screens each year. Does this mean however that there are ALSO not some great white, yellow, red, and or other good actors who may also delight the audiences?

My answer is a firm NO. Does the Academy have blinders on when it comes to the people who play in these rules, I don’t know, but I don’t believe that the black community needs to be up in arms because of a lost nomination.

Perhaps the Oscar committee just felt that this year there were more significant people who were NOT of color to be nominated for an Oscar. There HAVE been people of color nominated before AND who have won in several different areas.

I just don’t get the whole race card thing, never did, never will. ALL people are equal damnit and we are ALL Human Beings…Get Over it… Live your lives, invent stuff, find the cure for the major diseases, feed the hungry and have compassion on the poor. If you DO THIS, I will give you an Oscar MYSELF… Just my two cents worth. I love you all…

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