Like many Americans, January was the time to add all your New Year’s resolutions to your goal set. Some folks wanted to lose 100 Lbs. and look like Jennifer Lopez, or George Clooney, How’s that workin’ out for ya?

Like most of us, you have good intentions. You put on your workout clothes, so that everyone could SEE you were serious. Then, you jogged the 3/4 miles to the Gym, well…OK….25ft…But STILL,you gave it a go.

The cab dropped you off right in front f the gym door and you huffed and puffed your way to the NEAREST piece of equipment you could find. Proudly stepping on that treadmill you put it on level 10 so that everyone could see that you were really trying.

Once you picked yourself up from the floor, you re-started it on level 1, and decided to try THAT out. After twenty minutes on level 1 Yo proudly took your towel, wiped your face, which was dripping wet with salt water, and called it a day. After all, you didn’t ant to lose the whole 100 Lbs. in just one day like they do on The Biggest Loser.

You stagger to the candy machine with your towel securely around your neck, and press for the M&M’s candy. Certainly, you NEEDED a reward. Proudly you stepped out of that gym, and back into the cab, knowing full well that in YOUR mind, you did everything you could do.

That, my friends, is why most of us don’t look like Jennifer Lopez or George Clooney, just sayin’.


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