Man or Machine?


Not too long ago I watched the movie Her by Spike Jones. In this movie, the main character had a cell phone that could actually interact on an intelligent basis with the star, and it developed into his best friend, and then his lover.

This got me to thinking, how much of this could actually become a reality in the near future. Think about it, machines are being developed to get smarter and smarter every day. People are using the internet now to help put them together, all through the use of a computer.

Houses can be vacuumed with robots, robots wash our dishes and our wash, even the common stove which used to be just a heating device has now become electronically constructed to tell us WHEN to take the food out,  AND at what temperature to put in in at.

Where will it end? Will machines actually take over Humankind as we know it? In the doomsday scenario, that contingency is up within the top five. It’s frightening really if you just sit and think about it occasionally like I do.

I can actually see in the future where our cell phones WILL become our best friends and lovers. Sad, isn’t it? Hopefully, by that time, I will be old and gray. Don’t get me wrong, I think technology is great, I just think think we as a species should have a much tighter control over it.

Just my random thinking, I guess I should get back to work and stop all this mindless daydreaming.

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