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For 19 years, my husband and I have been in a love/hate relationship. You see, when he drinks, he goes nuts and starts smacking me around. When he is sober, he is a totally different person and is very loving.

I have called the cops several times for domestic disputes and they come, but hardly ever do anything. I have gone to a women’s shelter on three different occasions, but  Manny, (Not real name), will come hat in hand and profusely apologize. Ultimately, I will take him back.

I understand I am in an abusive relationship, but sometimes he will go months without hitting me. I have been with him so long I am just used to the abuse, can you offer me any suggestions that will help?

Battered Baby


Dear Battered Baby:

Pick up your cute little Bum and get the HELL outta there. Your husband is a classic abuser and should either be in treatment or in jail. Women who stay with men like this usually have low self esteem and also need counselling.

It’s this low self esteem which is usually the cause why thousands of women continue to stay with their abusive mates. Please, for your own safety, get out and stay either with a friend until you can get back on your feet or at a women’s shelter.

Leave sometime when he is gone so it will be harder for him to find you. Then, get a protection order against him. While that won’t stop him from looking,  if he DOES find you, you can have him arrested.

I will send you some literature regarding battered wife syndrome, and places to stay in your area. I give you my complete support and I urge you to consider my request for counselling.



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