Trump’s Fairy Tale




Once upon a time, there was a man born, named Donald Trump. He was a nice boy with TERRIBLE hair. His father, a rich real estate mogul, brought his son up with a silver spoon in his mouth, little Donald wanted for nothing.

As He grew, Donald became very outspoken, pretty much saying ANYTHING he wanted without being rebuked by anyone. He knew that no one would correct him because his rich daddy would protect him.

Once Donald was old enough, his father, took little Donald under his wing and taught him how to yell at people, tell lies to get ahead, and spend millions of his father’s money to build giant buildings.

Once old enough, Donald’s father cut him loose, gave him millions of dollars to get started in life, and sent him on is own. Luckily, Donald had learned all the tricks he needed, to cheat, steal, and yell his way to success.

After spending millions of dollars  and going bankrupt four times, Trump was bored. He decided he needed something else to become successful at. He thought and he thought until he decided that perhaps he could use his unique business skills to become President and run the free world.

Well folks, here we are, the Donald is here. I’m sure that many folks who enjoy hearing loud, obnoxious yelling, false claims, and ignorant sexual remarks are in The Donald’s corner, I however am not.

Certainly this is a free Country and folks have the right to make ANY choices they are, no matter HOW wrong they may be. Let me just say…God Bless America, and may all those who are voting take the time to thoroughly investigate the candidates BEFORE you cast our vote.



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