Why Do We Put Up With Leap Year



In case you were confused when the calendar said it was the 29th, today is Leap Year. Luckily, I remembered and immediately started leaping everywhere I went today. I leaped out of bed, out of my clothes AND into them, and then I leaped to the breakfast table, and then leaped off to work.

Thank God this Leap Year day only comes once every four years, cause, I’m TIRED already. Did everybody HERE remember to LEAP all day today? Excuse me, someone is saying something to me…OHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Sorry folks, I guess I had the WRONG idea about Leap Year.

They tell me it’s a calendar thingy that this day only comes around once every four years to somehow make our calendar accurate, WHAT???? You mean I DIDN’T have to do all that leaping, Geese!!!

Seriously, WHO CARES if there is a 29th. of the month anyway? Would we fall off the Planet or something if we just had a 28 day February EVERY year? I mean, WHO gets hurt? This whole 29 day deal gets tiresome trying to remember every four years…

What about the poor people who have to wait four whole years for their birthday? Is THAT fair? No, I think not. Just think about it for a minute, they won’t be able to drive a car until they are 64 chronological years old. They won’t be able to VOTE until they are 72 years old. The worst about the whole thing is they won’t be able to drink until they are 84 years old. Now THAT’S a crime…

Who’s with me? Let’s set the date on February right. NO MORE 29 days. Let’s not make these poor souls who were born on the 29th. suffer. Their Birthdays are now officially on the 28TH.

There, once again, Sooz has stepped in and saved the day…You’re welcome my friends, now let’s see what we can do about this so called election coming up…

Until Later…


Just Ask Sooz


Dear Sooz:

As I write this letter, I have tears in my eyes. My dog, Shaggy recently had to be put down. I have had him for 15 years and as a beautiful black lab, he has given me much companionship.

I have been alone now for 15 years since my husband passed, and she became my child, my companion, and one who would always be there for me.

She was walking with me the other day and she got off the leash when she spotted a rabbit running in the yard ahead. When the rabbit spotted her, it ran across the street and into another yard.

Shaggy followed suit, except she was hit by a car. I was scared to death, I raced into the street with cars beeping at me, picked Shaggy up, and rushed her to the Vets.

 I stayed with her until the Vet said that unfortunately, there were too many injuries to help her. Crushed, the only option I had was to stay with Shaggy. Petting her, and comforted her, by talking to her until she closed those beautiful brown eyes, and became still. I was so upset, I had to call someone to bring me home.

My question is, I want to get another dog, but I am afraid that a new dog won’t meet the same standards I had with Shaggy. I am alone now and need a companion, but I am very leery about getting another dog so soon. What do you think?

Alone In Kansas


Dear Alone In Kansas:

First, let me say how sorry I am about losing your friend and companion. I believe that losing an animal that someone had as a pet for all those years experiences a great loss in their lives.

My recommendation would be to GO ahead and purchase another companion for yourself. Dogs are very loving and are great companions. While the new addition may not be the end all of what you had with Shaggy, I’m sure that in time, you will learn to love it just the same.

You seem like a very nice woman and you deserve all the love you can get. Good luck…








What IS it about Blogging That Makes People Wanna Read You?


What IS it about Blogging That Makes People Wanna Read You?

I have only been around here as a serious blogger now for just a little while. While I could conceivably give you all kinds of reasons such as content, SEO’S, friends, marketing, etc., I believe the most important piece of blogging info I can offer you is BE LIKED.

Yup, that’s it, the more people who read and like what you write, the better. That is not to say that occasionally I won’t read a blog that I do not particularly like the writer, if the title and the first sentence draw me in, then I’m there.

It has always been my goal, if you will, to have thousands of readers who love me and continue to read me because they enjoy my content. Over the last couple of years, I have been lucky to acquire many friends in the writing community, and as such, have picked up quite a following. Those who read me consistently, I sincerely thank you.

Dear Sooz, which has been my oldest topic, has done the best overall. I am currently in the process of trying to get it syndicated at a National Newspaper, fingers crossed, we’ll see.

As or blogging, for ME, it’s just an enjoyment. I realize I may only appeal to a certain crowd, but that’s OK with me. As long as one person who reads me gets a smile, or has a giggle, then I have done my job.

I will continue to blog, and I sincerely hope those of you who DO read me will continue to do so. I have made many good friends here and for ALL of you, my heart is yours.

Until Later…


Hey You!!!


Back in the 1840’s, the word “Hallo” first arrived. It came from many different languages with this spelling, minus some adornment above certain letters, but ultimately it was used to bring attention to someone or something.

Today, we know this word as Hello, a greeting when you pick up the telephone. Thinking this was kind of a boring word, I seldom use it in my vocabulary. Personally, I prefer “What’s up” as opposed to Hello.

That probably once again is just my rebel side showing. I have never been one to just follow that straight and narrow line; I question everything and then choose my own path.

At one point in time, instead of saying Hello, folks used to say “Ahoy” as the greeting when answering the phone. This is a nautical term used as a greeting. Thomas Edison, however, wasn’t happy with this term, so by the 1890’s and after a few letters were written; Hello became the official term used to answer a phone.

Now, what would happen if you DIDN’T answer the call with Hello? Would you be fined, maybe even imprisoned? Ooooowwwwww!!!!!!! So why do we all answer the phone with Hello? Because we are USED to it, THAT’S why. Come on rebels of the world, rise up, join me in my quest to rip the seeds of commonality from the ground, and join me in my struggle to answer the phone the way YOU want to.

Don’t let the humdrum masses of society tell you what to do, join me, answer your phones with a YES, What’s up, Maggie speaking, or just Ahoy Matte, let’s show them who has the REAL power.

Thomas Edison started it, now it’s OUR turn to FINISH it!!! Who’s with me???





































Politics, Politics, Politics…BLAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I am soooooooooooooooooo sick of hearing about politics. He did this, she did that, remember when she was a Lesbian? Remember when he was a cross dressing transgender? OMG!!! When does the insanity end?

I say Forget about politics, just let the American people choose who they want as their president as opposed to having delegates do it OR us. We are NOT a Nation of simple people anymore. WE can make up our OWN minds based on their records of voting, their ability to HIDE their affairs, and even on their sexy good looks.

Debate Deshmate! Just prove to us based on some record you have set that you can RUN this big assed country and we will VOTE for you. There…Easy Pease.

We have been led astray too long now with the negative campaigning. Just tell it like it IS people, your records CAN’T be hidden. If you’ve HAD multiple affairs, OK, just as long as you’re not secretly HDING them from the American Public.

So you smoked Marijuana, hey, maybe you even INHALED, accidently of course, but still…should THAT take you out of the running, NO? Just quit all this NEGATIVE rhetoric and run a freakin’ country.

We need a candidate who can help our economy, add jobs to the work force, and help make our world a safer place to live in. Can you DO that? If you CAN, You’re my man or woman.

Don’t just give me the rhetoric, SHOW ME!!!

Thank you…


A Letter to ALL the Editors

"I feel your writing style is a bit old-school."

Dear Editors:

While I understand you wish to maintain the highest quality of writing for your blogging community, I must inform you that there are several things that I do which are NOT according to Hoyle.

The first of which is I CAPITOLIZE some of my words. Yes, Yes, I realize that this is NOT writing 101, however, I feel it expresses how I feel and I will continue to write accordingly.

Regarding my dot, dot, dot, that I use after certain sentences, again, I realize this is an INCORRECT way to use the period, however, in my defense, I LIKE doing so, and again, I will continue with this practice.

Another thing you criticize in my writing is that I write in the Comic Sans font. Let me just say AGAIN, I LOVE the Comic Sans font and I see NO reason to discontinue WRITING in this font until the cows come home.

I have been properly advised that the cows are a LONG way from home, so, until that time, I will forge ahead and write whatever the Hell I want, and HOW I want to write it.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate the tried and true standards of writing, as I’m sure our forefathers would WANT me to practice in THEIR styles, it’s just that I am somewhat of a rebel and enjoy raising eyebrows when people read me, and, I get to see their eyebrows raise because of my slipshod work.

There…I said what I wanted, and now I feel as if I have just removed a huge weight from my shoulders. I love this site and I hope you will continue letting me express myself as I see fit.

Thank you for your time…

Rebel Sooz





JOKES – Differences Between Men and Woman


I saw these while surfing the Internet and I liked them so I stole them….Enjoy…

The Real Definition of Words When Used By Women  

  1. Fine – I am right. This argument is over. You need to shut up.                                                                                                           
  2. That’s Okay – One of the most dangerous statements a woman can make to a man. “That’s okay, ” means she wants to think hard and long before deciding when and how you’ll pay for your mistake.                                                       
  3. Nothing – The calm before the storm. This means “Something” and you better be on your toes. Note: Arguments that start with “Nothing” usually end with “Fine” (See #1).                                                                                      
  4. Five Minutes – If getting dressed, this means half an hour. (Don’t be mad about this. It’s the same definition for you when it’s your turn to do some chores around the house.)                                                                                                   
  5. Thanks – A woman is thanking you. Do not question this or faint. Just say, “You’re welcome,” and let it go.  
  6. Loud Sigh – Not actually a word but rather a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. It means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is standing here wasting her time arguing with you about “Nothing.” (See #3)  
  7. Go Ahead – This is a dare, not permission. (Don’t Do It!)  
  8. Don’t worry about it, I got it – The second most dangerous statement a woman can make. It means that a woman has asked a man several times to do something and is now doing it herself. (Th will result in you asking at a later date, “What’s wrong?” For the woman’s response, see #3.)                                                                                                                                                                              


A man will pay $10 for a $5 item he needs. 

A woman will pay $5 for a $10 item that she doesn’t need, because it’s on sale.

This is absolutely true, I do this ALL the time…Hey…It’s “On Sale”…


A man has five items in his bathroom: a toothbrush, razor, shaving cream, a bar of soap, and a towel from the Motel 6.

The average number of items in a woman’s bathroom is 328. The average man would not be able to identify most of them.



Women always have the last word in an argument. Anything a man adds after that is the beginning of a new argument.


Thought for the Day

Married men should forget their mistakes. There is no need for two people to remember the same thing.

Quote From George Carlin: Women are crazy. Men are stupid. The main reason women are crazy is that men are stupid.

Reference: http://www.jokesclean.com/JokeManVsWoman/



Word Games Will Travel

Ok, for all you word expert writers out there, I have a challenge for you. Take the following words and include them in a poem or story. Good luck…


epitome, extemporaneous, flamboyant, plethora, and vivacious.

After you have written your poem or story, please email me your link so I can read it…Thank you…

Public Service Announcement

Public Service Announcement

Please note:

Ealier this morning, a pair of women’s panties were found in my front yard. They are VERY pretty and have lips and hearts on them. If you inadvertantly left them, please contact me, I will provide you with your panties and also the drink of your choice.

If you come by tonight, I will provide you with dinner and some free entertainment. If by chance a guy was wearing them and you lost them, please drop by and I will be sure to accommodate you.

Thank you…

Is it TAX Time Already??? Yikes!!!


Is it TAX Time Already??? Yikes!!!

If you’re like MOST Americans, tax time is upon us. It’s the time of year where we him and haw and drag our feet in the mud, unless of course you are getting a refund. In any given year, old Uncle Sam can’t have any of MY money until the VERY LAST MINUTE.

Why, because I’ll be damned if I am going to give Uncle Sam MY hard earned money to use interest free, THAT’S why…You see, I don’t GET a refund. I have to pay taxes in the amount of some third world countries.

I even try to give my money away to charities and philanthropic organizations to soften the blow, but it’s just never enough.  Maybe I’m going to have to use the Cayman accounts, or transfer my money to Switzerland. All I know is I am DEFINITELY not getting my share of what to say, considering on what I contribute to the system.

Any really good CPA’S out there who would like to think of some creative bookkeeping strategies to help me besides giving away all my money to fund hair growing products and funding for automatic Pooper Scoopers?

Oh well. I guess there is no whining in business. I’ll just take my lumps, and listen to my blood curl. After all, I DID make the money, it’s only FAIR that Uncle Sam GETS it all….Look at he bright side, at least I’ll ALWAYS have something to bitch about come tax time…

Until Later…