Battle of the Burgers, AND Subway


Recently, Wendy’s Hamburgers have decided to re-create its burger. Yup, that’s right, no more just fryin’ up the burgers, and slappin’ them with lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise. That’s right folks; they have a whole new burger idea. I would tell you what they have in mind, but Wendy assassins are running around rampant and well, I’m afraid for my life.

I do believe it has SOMETHING to do with special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and onions on a sesame seed bun… Or is it that you can have it YOUR way, I don’t know, I’m confused. Maybe it had something to do with the pricing, like getting an entire meal for ten, for only 6.00 dollars. At ANY rate, it’s supposed to be DAMN good so you should go and try it.

McDonalds, on the other hand, has invented a great new marketing campaign, ALL DAY BREAKFAST… This has something that has been proposed since the STONE age by its customers, but McDonalds chose to ignore its customer base until it nearly went bankrupt and then thought… “Hey, All Day Breakfast, what a concept.”

Guess what, what the people had been saying for YEARS, finally came to pass. Low and behold, as soon as this change was made, McDonalds once again became popular. Just shows you what a little bit of creativity, and paying close attention to what your customer base is saying is all you need to become successful.

Subway, on the other hand, who until recently, sold their 10” subs for 5.00, decided that perhaps with just a slight raising of their margins, they could make a bigger profit. So, the Subway giants raised their margins by a measly dollar. This of course translates to let’s see…Carry the 5…Divide into 600.00…Subtract 47…Add the carryover of 6…OK…Well, It’s A LOT OK!!!

The spokesman for the Company, Jarod, said from his prison cell, it’s due to the rising costs of goods and services. This of course translates into the company’s LEGAL FEES they used to try and get him acquitted… In ANY event, it will now cost us an extra buck to get to eat one of these delightful sandwiches.

Is there MORE change on the Horizon,stay tuned, THIS reporter will keep you up to date…Good Day!!!

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