I’m a Redhead and Proud of it…


I’ve been called MANY things because of my flowing red hair, red, the gingerbread girl, Red Baroness, even Little Red Riding Whore. The last was by a former paramour, which ended poorly.

Now, you may ask, “Do these terms bother you?” The answer is no, well, Little Red Riding Whore did, but in my ex-lover’s defense, at the time, I WAS a little whorish, I was also sleeping with her best friend…MY BAD.

The truth is, I am very proud of my red headed mane (And OTHER red parts), and you can pretty much call me any of the above, or more, without me getting sore. All my life I have been called one name or another, so by now, I’m used to it.

We redheads are a special breed. Usually, we are of Scottish or of Irish descent. With that DNA comes with it: quickness to anger, sometimes a tendency to drink a little too much, talk a little too much, will take a passionate stand against anything we believe in, oh and of course, AMAZING Lovemaking skills.

Being Irish, I have inherited these lovely DNA chromosomes, and by the way, my carpet DOES match the drapes, when I have drapes. I’m sure there are a few of you who just WANTED to ask that question…Naughty BOYS…

I will admit that I AM very passionate about things I believe in, and will do or say just about anything to get MY way. You already KNOW about my drinking habits, and I must tell you, my lovemaking skills are second to none. Am I bragging, you damn right I am, I am very proud of my Irish heritage.

A while back, as a youth, I decided that one day I would rule the world, well, that hasn’t quite happened yet, but, hey…Who knows, I can dream can’t I?

10 thoughts on “I’m a Redhead and Proud of it…

  1. It’s such a wierd thing really, the discrimination against red hair. My bro has red hair and he used to get stick for it. Just goes to show that humans are dumb as fuck sometimes. 1% or so have red hair, so 99% autmoatically turn them into some sort of leper club. If I hadn’t heard other people taking the piss, I’d never have even thought about ripping someone based on hair colour.

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