Super Bowl Revelry

20120923_pjc_ac4_341-0Well, the Denver Broncos did it, they beat the all powerful Carolina Panthers. Not since David entered the arena with Goliath has such an upset happened. Mind you, I was only there (At the party) for the chicken wings, pizza, chips and dips and of course the commercials.

While I know little to nothing about football, I do know this, when a guy gets the ball, he should RUN LIKE HELL until he gets to the other side of the two fence posts. Of course, there is some throwing the ball, some hitting, and bone crushing hits that lay people unconscious, but… HEY…THAT’S the game.

Minus the bone curdling injuries and the “carts” I believe they call them, picking up the injured and transporting them to a hospital in the hope that they may once again  live to play another brutally vicious day, I thought it was a pretty good game.

I mean the chicken wings were divine, and the commercials, while not as funny as I would have liked, offered up a delightful evening full of entertainment. Personally, I dressed up as a Bronco cheerleader…YES, I DID… in order to add a little pizzazz to the festivities.

I must say, after a few drinks for the boys and gals there, I think that there were more hands on ME than were on the ball at any one time. God, I LOVE the Superbowl. Good food,  good friends, and good Lord all knows what, THAT’S what the Superbowl is all about…Hope you all had a great Sunday…

Until Later…


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