Valentine’s Day Thoughts


Here we are once again with Valentine’s Day knocking on our doorsteps. I’m sure there are many of you who believe Valentine’s Day is just a huge money maker for the candy stores, flower shops, and of course Victoria Secret.

In truth, it is, but in THIS Redhead’s opinion, it is certainly worth it. I will admit though, being a writer, I have always been fond of the written word, done in longhand by my paramour at the time.

Certainly there is NOTHING wrong with flowers, or candy, or even going out to dinner, I just believe that for ME, it means more on a romantic level when the gift comes from the heart, and NOT the store.

Once I had a woman write me the most romantic poem ever, I read it, and it just melted me like ice. Another time I had a guy sprinkle rose petals all over my house and bed, he had soft, slow music playing on my stereo when I got home, and he had made a wonderful Chicken Parmesan dinner including dessert.

I must say, I was so overcome, well, let’s just say that while he made ME dessert, the favor was returned 10 fold. This year, unfortunately, I will be by myself. No one to make a fuss over me, and or whisper sweet nothings in my ear.

I did buy a little something for my neighbor though,  something sexy from Victoria Secret, I enclosed a card and asked if he would like to be my Valentine. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see on that one.

For all of you who have significant others, I wish you the happiest of days, and hopefully even HAPPIER nights. Happy Valentine’s Day Folks…

Until Later..


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