Tic Tac Toe—Game of Stupidity


Here’s a thought, why would someone invent a game that s impossible to win? Yes, yes, I know, as a kid you used to play and you would win ALL the time, SPOILER alert…Your parents LET you…

I mean, once you figure out WHERE you have to place either your Naughts or x’s, you can never win OR lose, you will always tie. Does this even make sense to you? Why, I ask? How much fun can a game BE if you KNOW you will never win?

Sorry, but this just blows my mind. Being a VERY competitive person, I couldn’t even stand to play it. When I first found this out, I had just watched the movie War Games, it showed in the movie that since there was no winner to playing Tic Tac Toe, playing the game that they were currently playing, Thermal nuclear war, there were ALSO No winners.

Well, I must tell you, I was devastated. I didn’t believe it until I looked up the strategy for the game and saw that it WAS true. Tail between my legs, I walked away NEVER to attempt the game again.

So if you ever wanna challenge me to a game of Tic Tac toe, don’t bother because either I will beat you, OR more than likely, there will be a tie game. Another childhood memory crushed, oh well…life goes on…

Until Later…

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