Why is Valentine’s Day All About Women and NOT About Both Parties?


I have heard many men ask this question, and here’s the answer…Because it IS…THAT’S why, there!! Let’s face it, they’re some pretty romantic guys out there, but the true ROMANCE part of them is seen few and far between.

Valentine’s Day is that special time of year that CELEBRATES that romance for us women. We look forward to it, we crave the attention, and of course the flowers, going out to dinner, and candy don’t hurt any either.

Many times, it is a special day where we get asked for our beloveds to marry us. It’s just one of those special days for us where we feel loved and have the attention all to ourselves. Yes, I know there are many who feel that it is just a rip off by the venders, and while that may be true, we STILL appreciate your undivided attention.

I’ve been asked, what would I like as a token of romance on Valentine’s Day? For ME, it’s all about the thoughtfulness. Write me a verse, make dinner for me, bake me something special that will tickle my taste buds, these are what floats MY boat in the romance department. Oh yeah, one more thing, if you DO decide to cook me dinner, please clean UP the mess also. Let me languish in the luxury of romance.

Believe me guys, if you do these little things, no matter WHAT your opinion of the Holiday is, you will be thanked tenfold in the boudoir. Romance Rules…




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