How to Tell the Difference Between an Egg and a Bowling Ball



I know, you look at this title and you say,”That’s silly”. Certainly I know the difference between an egg and a bowling ball, one is white, and one is black. Well, what happens if during Easter someone dyes the egg, black, OR, what if you happen to have a white bowling ball?

See, things you didn’t THINK of eh??? Well, no problem, that’s why I’M here, Let me give you some differences:

  • You can’t EAT a bowling ball


  • You can’t roll an egg down a bowling alley without breaking it and getting the bowling alley manager mad at you.


  • There are NO holes in an egg, unless you crack it


  • You can’t drop a bowling ball from the Empire State Building…Well, you COULD, but then you would have to go to jail for life if you hit someone.


  • It wouldn’t be as easy to play egg toss with a bowling ball


  • It’s harder to dye bowling balls during Easter


  • During Halloween, you can’t toss bowling balls at a house, people tend to get annoyed when you crack the brick on their homes


  • Eggs don’t knock down bowling pins easily


  • It’s hard to BOIL a bowling ball


  • Actually, I think there are only 9 Differences……


There, now you know the difference….You’re welcome…

Until Later…





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