The True Story of G. Washington and the Cherry Tree


Once upon a time, there lived a little boy named George Washington. George lived in a big white house, no, not THE White House, just a big house Painted white. George was born into a wealthy farming family; his father grew tobacco, along with other popular plants like fruit, and vegetables.

George worked hard around the farm, he knocked bugs off the plants, helped to plant the seed, and of course help his mamma bake  cherry pies. You see, there were several orchards of cherry, apple, and peach trees on the farm.

One day, George was bored, Yup, no bugs, seeds to plant, or pies to bake. He decided to go into the woodshed where he kept the hatchet his father gave him when he was six, and he decided to expel some of that knotted up boredom.

He went into the fields and started to chop.  Whack, whack, Whack went the hatchet on bramble bushes. He could feel the rush as he whacked away, the adrenaline coursed through his veins. On he went to larger prey. Next, he scored a thick branch from an old oak tree that had fallen to the ground.

Whack, Whack, Whack went the hatchet blade, and as it did, George could feel the rush flowing through his entire body, he was hooked. Once the branch was hacked to kindling wood, George discovered a newly grown cherry tree.

All at once a GLEEM came into his eye, without a thought, he went to the tree, swung his hatchet again and again until the tree tipped and fell to the ground. Just then, George realized that the cherry tree was the one his father had just planted last spring.

Ashamed of his action, he THREW the hatchet as fast and as far as he could. Little did he know, he had struck a neighbor who was coming to see his father about buying his crop. George rushed to his aid, but it was too late, he had killed his neighbor.

When the police found out, they arrested George and booked him for homicide. Luckily, George was only 8 at the time and just got sent to a detention center until he was 18. No one ever DID ask about the lousy cherry tree.

George got out, and never used the hatchet again. From then on, he used his sword and his musket to kill people. Not only THAT, he finally became the first president of the US. So, you see, something GOOD did come about  regarding his hatchet incident.

Until Later…






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