What do Teachers do When They are not Teaching

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I have been through a LOT of school and the thing that I have always wondered about is what DO teachers do when they are NOT teaching? Are they regular people just like me, (Well, not like ME but you know what I mean), or do they turn into Super Hero’s after school?

I once pictured my Physics teacher, (Mr. Bath), as a crazy ass scientist who would go home, go into his laboratory, and design secret weapons for the CIA. What, it could have happened. Then there was my English teacher, (Mrs. Devonshire), I always pictured her as writing a bestselling novel at home. As it turned out, however, she was later arrested for selling crack cocaine and sent down the river for a dime.

My Math teacher, (Mr. Drew), conceivably was a renowned Mathematician who stayed in front of his blackboard all night thinking of ways to solve the problems of the Universe. Again, he was later discovered having a tryst with one of his students and is now joining Mrs. Devonshire in let’s say a less comfortable resort for the next several years.

Sure, some of them went astray, I’m sure most of them, however, are just regular people with families who pay taxes like everybody else in the Universe. It’s funny, isn’t it, how we look upon these teachers as gods, those who sit high upon Mt. Olympus and peer down at us poor students with disdain.

Today, of course, I realize that they were just like us, hardworking, underpaid, professionals who, after a long day of teaching, go home, drink like fishes, and raise as much Hell as they can without being sent to jail.

I applaud you all, and God Bless you for the thankless jobs you do.

Until Later…


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