Toes-A Life of Their Own


Many of you go each day without the first thought about your toes. I know, why WOULD you, right? Well, here are a few things you should KNOW about those little digits at the bottom of your feet.

When you go to bed at night and remove your shoes or slippers, your toes, come to life and begin planning for the next day. Just a little piece of info here, for every year that passes in Human years, a TOE doesn’t have a birthday for three years.

I only mention this for those of you who may want to throw a birthday party for them. I mean, how embarrassing would it be to have a cake and presents for them, and then you find out that their birthday isn’t for another two years yet? Whooooa!!!!

While YOU sleep, your toes talk quietly amongst themselves, (They don’t want to wake you), and they discuss a multitude of topics. A LOT of discussion centers on their care, EPECIALLY the BIG toe, since he takes most of the pounding during the day.

If you listened in REALLY close you would hear them, saying, “Man, I took a real beating today, I WISH that ass-hole Human would have SOAKED me a little bit tonight”. “I work ALL day, keep them on THEIR feet and THIS is what I get in return”? “I have a good mind to just roll up and stop this idiot from even be ABLE to get up, GHEESE!!!”

Of course, they discuss all the usual things like sex, sports, and dating too. I guess what I’m saying here is treat your toes right, before they turn on you. Personally, I always wish mine a good night, soak them regularly, and make sure they are well manicured. Remember, a happy toe is a happy foot.

Have a good day everyone.

Until Later…





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