Is it TAX Time Already??? Yikes!!!


Is it TAX Time Already??? Yikes!!!

If you’re like MOST Americans, tax time is upon us. It’s the time of year where we him and haw and drag our feet in the mud, unless of course you are getting a refund. In any given year, old Uncle Sam can’t have any of MY money until the VERY LAST MINUTE.

Why, because I’ll be damned if I am going to give Uncle Sam MY hard earned money to use interest free, THAT’S why…You see, I don’t GET a refund. I have to pay taxes in the amount of some third world countries.

I even try to give my money away to charities and philanthropic organizations to soften the blow, but it’s just never enough.  Maybe I’m going to have to use the Cayman accounts, or transfer my money to Switzerland. All I know is I am DEFINITELY not getting my share of what to say, considering on what I contribute to the system.

Any really good CPA’S out there who would like to think of some creative bookkeeping strategies to help me besides giving away all my money to fund hair growing products and funding for automatic Pooper Scoopers?

Oh well. I guess there is no whining in business. I’ll just take my lumps, and listen to my blood curl. After all, I DID make the money, it’s only FAIR that Uncle Sam GETS it all….Look at he bright side, at least I’ll ALWAYS have something to bitch about come tax time…

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