A Letter to ALL the Editors

"I feel your writing style is a bit old-school."

Dear Editors:

While I understand you wish to maintain the highest quality of writing for your blogging community, I must inform you that there are several things that I do which are NOT according to Hoyle.

The first of which is I CAPITOLIZE some of my words. Yes, Yes, I realize that this is NOT writing 101, however, I feel it expresses how I feel and I will continue to write accordingly.

Regarding my dot, dot, dot, that I use after certain sentences, again, I realize this is an INCORRECT way to use the period, however, in my defense, I LIKE doing so, and again, I will continue with this practice.

Another thing you criticize in my writing is that I write in the Comic Sans font. Let me just say AGAIN, I LOVE the Comic Sans font and I see NO reason to discontinue WRITING in this font until the cows come home.

I have been properly advised that the cows are a LONG way from home, so, until that time, I will forge ahead and write whatever the Hell I want, and HOW I want to write it.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate the tried and true standards of writing, as I’m sure our forefathers would WANT me to practice in THEIR styles, it’s just that I am somewhat of a rebel and enjoy raising eyebrows when people read me, and, I get to see their eyebrows raise because of my slipshod work.

There…I said what I wanted, and now I feel as if I have just removed a huge weight from my shoulders. I love this site and I hope you will continue letting me express myself as I see fit.

Thank you for your time…

Rebel Sooz





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