Politics, Politics, Politics…BLAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I am soooooooooooooooooo sick of hearing about politics. He did this, she did that, remember when she was a Lesbian? Remember when he was a cross dressing transgender? OMG!!! When does the insanity end?

I say Forget about politics, just let the American people choose who they want as their president as opposed to having delegates do it OR us. We are NOT a Nation of simple people anymore. WE can make up our OWN minds based on their records of voting, their ability to HIDE their affairs, and even on their sexy good looks.

Debate Deshmate! Just prove to us based on some record you have set that you can RUN this big assed country and we will VOTE for you. There…Easy Pease.

We have been led astray too long now with the negative campaigning. Just tell it like it IS people, your records CAN’T be hidden. If you’ve HAD multiple affairs, OK, just as long as you’re not secretly HDING them from the American Public.

So you smoked Marijuana, hey, maybe you even INHALED, accidently of course, but still…should THAT take you out of the running, NO? Just quit all this NEGATIVE rhetoric and run a freakin’ country.

We need a candidate who can help our economy, add jobs to the work force, and help make our world a safer place to live in. Can you DO that? If you CAN, You’re my man or woman.

Don’t just give me the rhetoric, SHOW ME!!!

Thank you…


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