Hey You!!!


Back in the 1840’s, the word “Hallo” first arrived. It came from many different languages with this spelling, minus some adornment above certain letters, but ultimately it was used to bring attention to someone or something.

Today, we know this word as Hello, a greeting when you pick up the telephone. Thinking this was kind of a boring word, I seldom use it in my vocabulary. Personally, I prefer “What’s up” as opposed to Hello.

That probably once again is just my rebel side showing. I have never been one to just follow that straight and narrow line; I question everything and then choose my own path.

At one point in time, instead of saying Hello, folks used to say “Ahoy” as the greeting when answering the phone. This is a nautical term used as a greeting. Thomas Edison, however, wasn’t happy with this term, so by the 1890’s and after a few letters were written; Hello became the official term used to answer a phone.

Now, what would happen if you DIDN’T answer the call with Hello? Would you be fined, maybe even imprisoned? Ooooowwwwww!!!!!!! So why do we all answer the phone with Hello? Because we are USED to it, THAT’S why. Come on rebels of the world, rise up, join me in my quest to rip the seeds of commonality from the ground, and join me in my struggle to answer the phone the way YOU want to.

Don’t let the humdrum masses of society tell you what to do, join me, answer your phones with a YES, What’s up, Maggie speaking, or just Ahoy Matte, let’s show them who has the REAL power.

Thomas Edison started it, now it’s OUR turn to FINISH it!!! Who’s with me???





































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