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Dear Sooz:

As I write this letter, I have tears in my eyes. My dog, Shaggy recently had to be put down. I have had him for 15 years and as a beautiful black lab, he has given me much companionship.

I have been alone now for 15 years since my husband passed, and she became my child, my companion, and one who would always be there for me.

She was walking with me the other day and she got off the leash when she spotted a rabbit running in the yard ahead. When the rabbit spotted her, it ran across the street and into another yard.

Shaggy followed suit, except she was hit by a car. I was scared to death, I raced into the street with cars beeping at me, picked Shaggy up, and rushed her to the Vets.

 I stayed with her until the Vet said that unfortunately, there were too many injuries to help her. Crushed, the only option I had was to stay with Shaggy. Petting her, and comforted her, by talking to her until she closed those beautiful brown eyes, and became still. I was so upset, I had to call someone to bring me home.

My question is, I want to get another dog, but I am afraid that a new dog won’t meet the same standards I had with Shaggy. I am alone now and need a companion, but I am very leery about getting another dog so soon. What do you think?

Alone In Kansas


Dear Alone In Kansas:

First, let me say how sorry I am about losing your friend and companion. I believe that losing an animal that someone had as a pet for all those years experiences a great loss in their lives.

My recommendation would be to GO ahead and purchase another companion for yourself. Dogs are very loving and are great companions. While the new addition may not be the end all of what you had with Shaggy, I’m sure that in time, you will learn to love it just the same.

You seem like a very nice woman and you deserve all the love you can get. Good luck…








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