Why Do We Put Up With Leap Year



In case you were confused when the calendar said it was the 29th, today is Leap Year. Luckily, I remembered and immediately started leaping everywhere I went today. I leaped out of bed, out of my clothes AND into them, and then I leaped to the breakfast table, and then leaped off to work.

Thank God this Leap Year day only comes once every four years, cause, I’m TIRED already. Did everybody HERE remember to LEAP all day today? Excuse me, someone is saying something to me…OHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Sorry folks, I guess I had the WRONG idea about Leap Year.

They tell me it’s a calendar thingy that this day only comes around once every four years to somehow make our calendar accurate, WHAT???? You mean I DIDN’T have to do all that leaping, Geese!!!

Seriously, WHO CARES if there is a 29th. of the month anyway? Would we fall off the Planet or something if we just had a 28 day February EVERY year? I mean, WHO gets hurt? This whole 29 day deal gets tiresome trying to remember every four years…

What about the poor people who have to wait four whole years for their birthday? Is THAT fair? No, I think not. Just think about it for a minute, they won’t be able to drive a car until they are 64 chronological years old. They won’t be able to VOTE until they are 72 years old. The worst about the whole thing is they won’t be able to drink until they are 84 years old. Now THAT’S a crime…

Who’s with me? Let’s set the date on February right. NO MORE 29 days. Let’s not make these poor souls who were born on the 29th. suffer. Their Birthdays are now officially on the 28TH.

There, once again, Sooz has stepped in and saved the day…You’re welcome my friends, now let’s see what we can do about this so called election coming up…

Until Later…


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