Trump University


Photo of Trump showing how YELLING can get across your message.


As Universities everywhere pride themselves on their great educational process, so does Trump University, a new comer for the politically minded. This institution was formed from the blood, sweat, and womanizing platforms that stands firm on the Trump name.

Not only will you learn the finer skill sets of being a ruthless ass in business; you will also learn how to speak out of both sides of your mouth, speak LOUD, because God knows by speaking in a high decibel voice you will ALWAYS command respect, and have the ability to shut out the smarter and more timid party away, but you will also learn how to repeat yourself with the same rhetoric over and over in hopes that is sounds better the third time.

These are great lessons that need to be learned by all politicians. Trump U. also provides for learning how to just say ANYTHING you want WITHOUT actually having a REAL PLAN to back the words up. All good politicians NEED to learn this skill.

As an example:–

Mr. Trump—-The tax plan we have now sucks. I promise if elected, I will completely revamp the plan so the poor get richer AND so do the existing RICH.

Moderator—-How do you plan on doing that, sir, what exactly IS your plan?

Mr. Trump—-Oh, a, well, I’m working on that RIGHT now my friend, don’t you worry about a thing.

Also learned, is how to buy 1000.00 dollar suits, and make sure your HAIR is combed JUST right. These things will help SWAY the American people because, well, who would disagree with a man who is so impeccably dressed and well-coiffed?

Last, you are taught how to be a womanizer. Not just ANY womanizer, but a GOOD one. Pick out a woman you like, have sex with her and THEN, just divorce the wife your with and add on the new one.

So, all those who want to be this kind of Politician, put in your entry forms or Trump U. now. You MAY not win the battle, BUT, you will have put on QUITE the side show trying.



7 thoughts on “Trump University

  1. This is a sad election. You are right, Trump is making this election a side-show. I know there is no perfect person. I want a leader who will make the right decisions,respect human rights and can fix problems. Not create them.

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