Can You STILL Cure Heart Disease if You Have a Cold


I DON’T know, but I DO know this, I have one HELL of a cold. Yup, I was around someone in a meeting a few days ago who had NO regard for anyone’s health, and he thought it might be a good idea to just sneeze all over us, and hack his way through the meeting…UGH!!!!

The general rule SHOULD be, if you have a contagious disease like Typhoid, or Malaria, or EVEN a nasty cold, STAY the HELL home, Geese!!! Why should someone ELSE be subjected to YOUR precious germs?

Rarely do I get sick, he (Meeting man), just happened to be close to me and I got deluged with his disease. Nothing I could do really, except to tell him to get the Hell away from me.

Let me just say that I don’t function well when I am sick. Thank GOD I don’t have any kids to take care of, or a husband who was ill, they would be fending for themselves.

Where am I now you ask, Well, I am sitting in my living room, hacking and sneezing up St. Lewis. I am binging on honey and lemon cough drops, and taking more over the counter nose decongestants than I can count. Truth is, right now, my nose is SO dry it could be considered a third world desert.

Hopefully I will feel like returning to the land of the living tomorrow, and if NOT, I will just sit back, relax,and BITCH like a fighting dragon. So long for now, my nasal spray is calling me…



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