Just Ask Sooz

Businessman having bubble popped --- Image by © Tim Tadder/Corbis

Dear Sooz:

Joint cracking, and bubble gum popping, these are my bone of contention with my husband Sooz. Every day of our marriage, I hear the loud pops from bubblegum being dispelled, which seem like canon shots to my ears. If it isn’t bubble gum popping, its joint cracking,Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

I have tried and tried to correct him of this throughout he years, but to no avail. I realize this seems like such a petty thing, but after a while, it just wears you down, you know?

Any suggestions you can make that will help me change him would be greatly appreciated. Thanking you in advance.

Gum Popping Cracker


Dear Gum Popping Cracker:

Hey, what’s petty to one, is primary to another. Here’s what I suggest. Since your husband has NOT been listening to YOUR nagging, I suggest you tell one of your friends about this nagging habit and then invite her/him over.

Let HIM/HER put the bug in his ear about how annoying it is while you are out of the picture. This way, he will think about it more seriously, and he should stop the habit on his own, thinking that it was his OWN idea. This should make all the difference. It has been shown to work time and time gain,and is the best way to initiate change.

Sincerely, I wish you good luck…


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