All Your Easter Eggs in One Basket

I’ll be glad to be your Easter Bunny this year!!!



Well, it’s Easter again; the air is filled with spring, many put on their Easter best and go to church, while others stay nestled in their homes, enjoying the day with their families, and watching the kids scurrying to find their Easter baskets.

I remember getting so excited as a kid, getting up at the crack of dawn, waking my parents from their obviously over extended sleep, and aimlessly running around the house endlessly searching for my Easter basket.

Every year it seemed like that damn Easter Bunny kept trying to trick me by hiding his wares of delight in very unusual places. Once, I had to go into the garage and FINALLY found it in the rafters, WHAT?????

Nothing better than finding your basket and then devouring all that great candy and of course those deliciously colored eggs. Easter, besides St. Patties Day, Easter has always been my favorite day.

Sure, I’m down and out right now, but the happiness I feel on this day brightens my spirits and helps my soul to sing. From the bottom of my heart, I want to wish all those who celebrate, a happy and enjoyable day.

I will be thinking of you as you join your families and loved ones for a wonderful dinner, and a beautiful day…

Until Later…






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