IQ’s, Einstein, and Books For Dummies


Einstein once quipped: The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.

He indeed was a very smart man. His IQ was 160, and his REAL abilities were seeing things NOT how they COULD be, but what they actually were in a different light. Then, he would look at every possible way to he solve the problem by going OUTSIDE the box. This is how he solved all his problems and is the reason we have the current theories on relativity.

My question is, why didn’t he ever write a book called, Relativity Book for Dummies? Just THINK of the sales, it would have gone through the roof. Other scientists and Physicists would have waited in LINE around the block at Barnes to Noble to purchase his book.

Just THINK, we could ALL be well informed with a dumbed down version of the Theory of Relativity. We could walk around, smoking pipes and talking about how time and space changes our Universe.

What is that I hear you say, you don’t CARE about Relativity and/or Time and Space, oh, well then, NEVER MIND!!! We’ll all just go about our lives then, making money, being happy, and living in ignorance…Works for ME…

Until Later…




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