The Doomsday Clock


I was watching a story the other night where they mentioned the  theoretical “Doomsday Clock”, and it brought me to thinking. Wow, scary, right? Well, it SHOULD be. According to Top scientists, we now stand at 3 minutes till Midnight. At Midnight, of course, is when we as a race supposedly become totally annihilated.

 Remember when the Berlin Wall was torn down, THEN,  it was actually set back from 5 minutes to 17 minutes to Doomsday. Yikes!!! What the HELL happened to us? It seems as though our world leaders are Hell bent to keep us on a world annihilation course.

Remember now, this is not ME speaking, but “the decision about the time reflected on the Doomsday Clock is made by The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Science, Security Board, and the Board of Sponsors, which includes 16 Nobel Laureates.”

THAT, my friends, is a pretty damn good group of intellectual people. So WHY are we as a world so oblivious to our own demise? I never COULD understand this.

Is land and power over others SO important that those who seek these things overlook the danger they are putting EVERYONE into? Where has the leadership, the intelligence, and the reasoning power of these folks gone?

I am truly appalled at what has been going on in the world without ANY concern for others. What have we as a race become? Are we no better than the animals that roam the Earth? Even THEY (Animals) won’t KILL their own kind, WTF!!!!

The sad thing about all this is that MOST people aren’t even AWARE there IS such thing as a “Doomsday Clock”. We wallow away in ignorance as if we will live forever.

And all of this for a piece of land, or a bit more power. Is it really worth it people, THINK about it!!!

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