Writing While Sleeping

sleeping on green

Here I am, sitting in front of a blank computer screen for the last 45 Minutes, just waiting for the magic to happen. I gotta tell ya, it’s HARD tryin’ to write something amazing every day. OK, I hear some of you out there tittering sayin’, “AMAZING…EVERY DAY…???

Let’s see, I’ve gone through my pre-writing checks…Quick Snack, Check…Bathroom Break…Check…TV Watchin’…Check…Hell, I even went as far as readin’ some Shakespeare to get the old brain gears turnin’…NOTHIN’!!!

 It’s funny really; sometimes I can sit down, open my computer and write some amazing stuff. Again, I hear the sounds of TITTERING in the background….Be NICE!!!

Other times, it’s like today, sit and stare at the computer screen, hypnotized by the pretty light in front of me. I usually write my best stuff after I’ve woken up from a nice sleep. Maybe, I should close my eyes, and then I will have an amazing revelation. Hey…I COULD happen…Gheese…

I’ll wake up and begin to write something wonderful and profound like The Declaration of Independence, or perhaps something heartfelt and meaningful like the Gettysburg Address.

The thing is, I am not sleepy, and I really wanna get this blog out to all of you wonderful people. Ooow, I know, how about a blog about NOTHING? Hey, it works for Seinfeld, right?

I could go on and on about absolutely NOTHING and it would be my BEST blog ever…How about THAT? No, well then, let me just rest my eyes… and…Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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