Mother’s Day Rememberence



Dear Mom:

A few years have passed now since you left me and I must say, I think about you often. While my teen years were filled with anger and tears, I try and remember the good times before daddy died.

I remember us as a family, going to the park, packing a picnic lunch, and while you and dad made goo goo eyes at each other, I would be swinging,  or sliding down the slide which seemed like an eternity.

It seems like only yesterday that you would cuddle me in your arms to say, “Remember the good times always princess”. We were happy then and I so long for those forgotten memories.

As a teen, I really didn’t understand what was going on. Oh sure, I realized that you were hurting from the loss of daddy, but I never truly understood how YOU felt that fateful day, YOU died also.

Now, as an adult, making my OWN mistakes, and in one instance, followed YOUR lead into alcoholism, I understand completely what drove you to your destruction.

I want you to know that I forgive you for all of those bad years growing up, and that I truly did, and DO love you. I sincerely hope you are happy where ever you are and if there IS a Heaven, I pray that God shine His light upon you.

I also ask for YOUR forgiveness mom, I hated you for years, and that hate, was unduly justified. I am guilt ridden because of those feelings, and I try each day to somehow make up for my transgressions.

I realize this is just a letter mom, but, my feelings stand true. You were a beautiful and loving mother for many years, and it is THOSE years and memories I shall carry to my grave.

God Love You…

Your Princess




Great Day in History


Today, April 29th. In 1813, one of our most famous products was first patented. I’ll give you a hint, it stretches, it winds, has MANY uses, and can be purchased cheaply. Any thoughts?

If you guessed string, you would be WRONG, ‘cause it’s Rubber. Yup, it’s good old fashioned rubber. Now you may ask, “Sooz, how do you KNOW all these amazing fascinating facts”? Are you a wizard, do you have a brain stored full of secrets we know nothing about, (Well, yes, but not regarding facts. WINK)…

Little fairies whispered it into my ear this AM while I was taking a shower. Not BUYING that one, OK, I LOOKED it up OK??? Aren’t you glad I did, though? The NEXT time someone asks you when rubber was first patented, there will be no more himming or hawing, you will be able to just spit the date, right off your tongue, impressing all of your friends and colleagues.

Let’s look at how we use rubber every day of our lives, shall we? The tires that are on our cars for one, much better than those wooden wheels used in olden days; or, how about rubber balls, golf balls, bumper guards, or MY favorite, rubber bands;

I must admit BESIDES using them to secure things, I used to wrap them around my thumb and pointer finger as a gun and then SHOOT them at my enemies.

Of course, while not being a very ladylike thing to do, it was very self-satisfying. NO, I am NOT a serial killer…Come on, I heard you thinking about it!!!

I hope you enjoyed this post and remember…”If you stretch it out, it will just roll back up eventually” THINK ABOUT IT…All the best… 😉

Until Later…





Just Ask Sooz


Dear Sooz:

I am a 34 year old attractive woman with big boobs. Herein lies the problem. I am married, and everywhere we go someone is looking at my big melons. This really pisses my husband off, in fact; he is somewhat hot headed about this, and has gotten into more than just a couple of fights.

I have told him time and time again that it doesn’t matter to me if someone stares, but he sees it as rude and degrading. Actually, I kind of like the attention the twins bring.

What can I do to help him understand that I love only him and that there is no need to get upset about this issue?

Bra Filler


Dear Bra Filler:

Sorry, but your signature made me chuckle. Honey, there are a LOT of us girls who are endowed with a generous bosom, and men are gonna stare at them. I can’t change Human nature.

Like you, I too have a nice set and I get that same attention ALL the time. Now, I DON’T know HOW you dress so let me say this. IF you are wearing low cut tops or other twin enhancing clothing, perhaps you should dial it down when you are out with your husband.

Wear NICE fitting, not tight clothes that will accentuate your gifts. Reinforce to your husband that you love him, and that others looking at you will not change that. He seems to me to be a bit challenged with his manhood considering his foolish behavior.

I believe if you do this, he will change his mind and not be so sensitive. Good luck and give my best to the twins.

Guess What I Got



In My Dorm Dressing for class

I’ll give you two guesses and the first and second ones don’t count. I got something official looking in the mail from a certain school that I applied for a while back.

Yup…I got accepted to Stanford. You should have seen me, I did a happy dance and everything. Now comes the tough part, selling the business for the right price, finding a place to live closer to school, and then of course the work load.

Yikes, I haven’t been in school for what seems to be a lifetime, and I must tell you, I’m scared. Am I too old to be going back, will I be able to keep up and remember what I need to know, and what about temptations?

No, I don’t mean sex, THAT will be the fun part, I am talking about Keggers. I have that nagging feeling in my gut that says what if I give up my business and then flunk out? Yikes…The nerves…

Too many unanswered questions and things to think about right now. I am excited, but at the same time paralyzed with trepidation. Awwww, this I silly, I’m just gonna forget all about this for now and get my cute little horny ass back to work.

Wish me luck with a new beginning for my life… All the best…

Until Later…



Echoes of Silence


Moonlight, mingles with the stars,

As the shadows of night emerge.

Stillness fills the air,

And all that was, is now silent.


Echoes of silence fills the air,

While dreamers dream, and quiet sentinels guard the hallowed night.

Time slips into infinite space,

And the world keeps turning upon a shadowed plane.



Thinking Too Hard


Hi everyone, I am sitting in front of this damn white screen waiting for it to TELL me what to write about today. Usually I only stare for a couple of seconds before a whole whirlwind full of ideas or sentences magically appear on the writing screen.  Today…NOTHIN’…

Don’t fret, I’m sure it will only be a couple of seconds more before I get inspired by Divine intervention, and have the Psychiatrist in the Sixth Sense guide my hand across this vast wasteland of white.

Wait…I’m getting an idea…NO, it was just a rumble from my bowels telling me I should just give up this insane staring and go pee. While that sounds like the CORRECT thing to do, I will stare on, in the hopes that I will deliver some interesting tidbit of information that everyone will think about for all eternity.

OK, MAYBE for not ALL eternity, perhaps just a couple of hours. Even THAT would be better than writing THIS drivel, HELL; I can’t even remember the last LINE I wrote to say nothing of an entire blog.

OK, I’ve GOT it. Let me share something that was embarrassing to me while I was in St. Lucia. At the resort, they have a handicapped bathroom that is VERY spacious and private. I happened to be in the vicinity, when I got the URGE to pee, EXPLODE.

Now understand, there were NO other bathrooms around so I figured, “What the Hell”. On the side of the wall was one of those push buttons that open the door so I pushed the button and the door opened.

As the door flew open, my eyes viewed an older woman with her knickers all the way down, privates a hangin’ out with a good stream trickling down the toilet. She screamed, I screamed, and I tried to close the door, but it was controlled electronically.

All I could do was turn my back and pray to God that the door would soon close before anyone else wandered by and got a free show. Finally, what seemed like forever, the door, took its old sweet time and closed.

The woman came out, red faced; I apologized profusely, rushed in, LOCKED the door, and exploded. My only thought…WHY didn’t the old woman LOCK the door? I guess it was just part of my holiday experience, and one I will not soon forget.

Until Later…



How Do Others Perceive You


Well folks, it’s Monday, and at the present time I have a minute or 30 to write so here are my thoughts for today. In today’s society, it is all about “ME” thinking. Do I look my best, do I have enough money, is MY car better than my neighbors, etc.

What we SHOULD be asking ourselves is “How do Others Perceive US? What are we made of? Do they see us as kind, loving, human beings, OR do we appear to be the wicked witches/warlocks of the West?

I have always WANTED to be perceived as a beautiful, smart, kind, SEXY and a giving person. In actuality, I AM. I think that was my EGO talking, but none the less, I strive each and every day towards these qualities.

Each of us is different, yet all of us have the potential to share these above listed qualities. Does it take some effort, sure, but in the long run it is surely worth it.

No one really wants to be perceived as a grouch, and all it takes is a little daily practice and some good old fashion hygiene to make it happen. Practice the art of “paying it forward”.

Buy someone in the McDonalds line behind you their lunch, pay a few bucks at the toll booth so that others can go through for free, send in an anonymous pizza lunch for the nurses at a hospital, OR, just help someone that really needs the help.

Pretty soon, your perception by others of you will have changed. We’re only here on this merry go round for a few short years in the annals of time, so make them count.

Until Later…