Fixing Printers for Dummies



Hi everybody just wanted to say thank you for all the responses you sent me since I’ve been off recuperating. I’m finally healed (For the most part), and back at work today.

Tons and tons of paperwork to sift through…Grrrrrrrr. Reports-here, there and everywhere, fun wow, guess I got used to lounging on the couch coughing and being served.

Anyway, in my office is my own private copy machine. It’s a nice one; it prints, copies, scans, and even sings on bright sunny days. Here’s the thing, I went to make oh, I don’t know, a thousand copies or so, and guess what, I pressed the button that said make me work and IT REFUSED!!!

Now, this is something I really didn’t expect because the last time I used it, it spun like a top. Well, you know what I mean, it made great copies. Today, NOTHING!!

Understand, I’m already behind and catching back up, and then THIS happens. So, what do you think I did? Did I immediately call a repairman, Nooooooooooooo… I figured there were things could do to this lazy ass printer before I called someone who would cost my business more than the cost of the machine to fix.

I carefully opened up the printer to see if it had paper—Yup. Then, I checked the cartridge to make sure it didn’t need ink..Yup, ink OK…Then I checked the part that says check for a paper jam…no paper jam.

Usually, at THIS point, you would think that I would have just swallowed my pride, and justed call the F*&%*NG repairman, Noooooooo!!!!! I LOOKED at the gears and checked all the cogs to see if they were where they were supposed to be, looked good. Then I inspected the chains, and again, they seemed to be in place.

Finally, I did what ALL of us would be mechanics would do, I cursed up a BLUE STREAK, and then called the maintenance guy. While waiting, I went down to the cafeteria and got an ice cream sundae…THOSE I DO know what to do with.

Until Later…

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