Just Ask Sooz


Dear Sooz:

I have an unusual problem Sooz, my husband is a bed farter. Yup, you heard right, he will be asleep and all of a sudden, he will let out gas that smells so bad, that our 5 year old boxer will wake up and leave the room.

I’m not kidding you. These nasty bouts of ammonia based, disgusting odors could clear a stadium full of people. Time and time again, I have asked him to watch what he eats, but he just comes to bed, and once asleep, starts right in with his gaseous outbursts.

I love my husband Sooz, but his annoying routine is really starting to wear me thin. I have even gone as far as wearing one of those surgical masks, but I can’t shake that odoriferous smell.

Any suggestions that could help remedy this disgusting scenario? I am all ears as my nose is gone.

Almost Gone with the Wind

Dear Almost Gone With the Wind:

There are several good over the counter drugs that help eliminate this problem. I would check with you Dr. and see what he recommends. Sometimes, this can also be caused from a past surgery, or other illnesses. If none of these things work, tell him how you feel, and suggest that he starting eating less gaseous foods.

If he still balks at THIS, then suggest perhaps he would like sleeping in a different bed than you. See what reaction THIS brings. There is no reason why you should have to put up with this disgusting situation.

Hopefully, he will get the point and choose option number one or two… Good Luck!!!


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